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Friday, 2017-07-28
Atlantica Series
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Atlantica 75, view out from a converted attic with raised roof 45 degree roof pitch

Atlantica: Width: 5,7m 18,6ft Standard roof pitch 30°, increased roof pitch 45°

Our narrowest house series. Atlantica has the same external width as the traditional cottages of Ireland but are much wider inside because the walls are not as thick. An Atlantica house can become a large house by making it longer. For example: An Atlantica 147 is a house that is 5,7m wide and 25,5m long. Keep in mind that a long narrow house costs more to build per m2 and also takes more energy to heat than a squarer shaped house. While the attic in an Atlantica is somewhat restricted due to the width of the house the roof can optionally be lifted up by 1m , which improves the spacial quality dramatically upstairs (see example Atlantica 75 further down).

Atlantica 49, with converted attic and 45 degree roof pitch, plaster finish (this has not been applied yet)

Atlantica 99, with converted attic and 45 degree roof pitch, Nordic exterior timber board finish

Atlantica 75, living room

Atlantica 48 with Baltica extension, 30 degree roof pitch, nordic exterior timber board finish

Atlantica 372 with 30 degree roof pitch, passive, traditional barged gables, plastered

Atlantica 75, near passive, converted attic with 45 roof pitch and raised roof, plastered

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