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Friday, 2017-07-28
Baltica Series
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Baltica 81, with converted attic and 42 degree roof pitch, nordic timber board finish

Baltica Width: 7,5m 24,6ft Standard roof pitch 30° , increased roof pitch 45°

Baltica is a relatively narrow type of house. Equipped with an increased roof pitch the Baltica type of house has proportions in harmony with older traditional houses. It is therefore a good choice for locations where an indigenous shape is suitable. As with all houses it can be built with a timber cladding or with modern silicate plaster on a fibre-silicate board.

Baltica 99, with converted attic and 45 degree roof pitch, plaster finish

Baltica 153, with 42 degree roof pitch and attic conversion, plaster finish

Baltica 72 with 30 degree roof pitch and added porch, nordic timber board finish

Baltica 99, converted attic with 42 degree roof pitch, nordic timber board finish, added porch

Baltica 252 with 30 degree roof pitch, plastered

Baltica 117 with 30 roof pitch L-extension, nordic timber board finish

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