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12th September 2009 Building Energy Fair invitation (pdf), Cloughjordan Village
September 2009 article by Lars Pettersson on our first impressions of building our first house in the eco village (pdf)
2005, article by Lars Pettersson on Eco-clusters
Welcome to our webpage branch dedicated to news and projects about the new sustainable village in Cloughjordan, Co.Tipperary
images from cloughjordan sustainable village (September 2009)

Timberframe with lime-hemp by Ecobuild Ireland

a view from the distance

38x90mm timberframe by Irish Eco homes. Plastic shuttering partly in place ready for pouring of 290mm of Hemp-crete

Scandinavian Homes Ltd -Passive house
No shading from the sun with short protective roof overhang. It is general knowledge that good ecological design provide built-in shading from the high summer sun. Is it incompetence or lack of interest in sustainable design that drives the Tipperary planning office to insist on this type of detail?

Partition progressing on
the 14th work-day

Exterior near completion
on the 14th work-day
(late August 2009)

construction of the infrastructure (Feb 2008)

four houses under construction
foundation for solar and shed

directioning of the stream (Feb 2008)

construction of four houses

terrace of three houses

chipboiler house

Our first project


The Village is progressing

It is the 25th of August 2009, a day we had all been looking forward to for a long time, the day we would erect the first Scandinavian Homes passive house in the eco-village of Cloughjordan in County Tipperary. At 07.00 the house kit arrived. Our erection-team from Galway headed by Peter Flaherty and John Goaley and The Village is finally moving which is great, and about time. There have been many delays in the planning process and some village members have left the project over the years of this phase. However, the planning phase is completed and the building phase is progressing.
We at Scandinavian Homes had hoped to
build many of the houses here, our passive and super-passive houses should be ideal in an eco-village. But unfortunately, the requirement to connect to the common district heating system is not so logical for passive houses. Passive houses need so little energy, but still have to pay towards the massive capital costs for the large central system of the Eco-village...
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their experienced carpenters had already been on site the evening before to make sure that all preparations were ready.As always, the foundation was already in place, and in perfect shape, all thanks to James Kearney and his team...

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August 2009, our first house in the new sustainable village in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary was constructed in our factory in the beginning of August and has been erected on Site 104 in late August 2009. It is now being fitted out. This house is from our Stockholm model range, called Stockholm 208. It is a two-storey, passive timber construction, view 3D images below and a link to a gallery showing images of the construction process...

, our second house in the new sustainable village is scheduled to be erected. This house is from our 6m wide Uppsala model range, called Uppsala 123. It is a two-storey, passive timber construction, view 3D images below and a link to the floor plans...

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