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Wednesday, 2017-08-23
House types
Atlantica   |  Baltica  |  Nordica  |  Hibernia  |  Traditional  |  Two-storey  |  Passive

Exterior view of a Baltica 81 with an Atlantica 48 extension

Garden view of a Nordica 94 (this house is currently for sale)

Nordica 125 with 40° roof, plaster finish and optional entrance porch

Interior view of a Nordica 94, passive with the optional wooden ceiling.

Nordica 125 with 40° roof pitch. Exterior walls will be plastered, picture shows erected shell only as it looks on the fourth day of construction. Roof not yet tiled.

Two-storey Stockholm 229 with 30° roof. Exterior timber panel treated with Jupex oil mixed with brown pigment.

Baltica 99 with 42° roof
pitch and attic conversion. Added onto an existing Nordica 94 without attic conversion

The Scandinavian Homes concept builds on modulated production

All our houses are built to the same quality levels and standards. We offer 4 series of houses. The only difference between the four series is the width of the body and the roof pitch. Any house can be built in any length in increments of 1200mm (1.2m). You could theoretically order a house that is only 1.2m long. By following our modules you will minimize costs and the amount of cold bridging in the walls and roof.

internal width
external width
standard roof pitch/upstairs width
increased roof pitch/upstairs width
Atlantica (Utklippan)
30°/attic only
Baltica (Kattegatt)
30°/attic only
Nordica (Skagerack)
Hibernia (Draget)

Our sales literature presents only three houses in each series with a possibility to add or reduce the length of the house with a 1.2m extension or reduction. This is done to make it possible for our customers to calculate the costs of making the house a little bigger or smaller. In the final proposal all calculations are precise so that you pay for what you get. Not more - not less.

Two storey houses
The first two-storey Scandinavian Homes house in Ireland was built in September 2002 in County Galway. Called Stockholm 229, it can be described as two Nordica 115 on top of each other. All single-storey house types can be built in two-storey versions. The new types corresponds to the single-storey versions as follows: Atlantica is called Uppsala in two storey version, a single storey Baltica becomes Kalmar, Nordica becomes Stockholm. The wide-bodied Hibernia becomes Dublin in the two-storey version. Thanks to pre-manufactured floor cassettes it takes only marginally longer time to construct a two-storey house.

Height of external walls
The internal height of the external walls is standardized to 2580mm. It gives good headroom to accommodate a thick floor such as a solid timber floor installed on battens. It also reduces timber wastage in the construction of the external and internal walls. We supply 2500mm lengths of 45x70mm, or optional 45x95mm studs, for partitions. With a total wall height of 2580mm a stud length of 2500mm minimizes the amount of waste and also the amount of space required for shipping. In most cases the locally sourced plasterboards used for partitions should be 1200x2540mm and they must sometimes be ordered in good time.

Standard or increased roof-pitch
The Atlantica and the Baltica houses must have increased roof pitch to make an attic conversion possible. With 45 roof pitch the internal height upstairs is 2450mm on these houses. The Nordica series can be converted with a 30 roof pitch and an internal height of 2100mm. If the Nordica roof pitch is increased to 40 the upstairs height will be 2450mm. The wide-bodied Hibernia has an internal height of 2450mm in both versions.

Timber or plastered exterior
All houses can be built with either timber or plastered external finish. The standard timber cladding is called Nordic panel. It is installed horizontally and looks like logs. The optional plastered version has a wall that is identical to the timber version, but with the timber skin replaced by a cement-fiber sheet installed in our factory with stainless steel screws. The lightweight plaster system is supplied with the house, and subsequently applied by a local tradesman. With the coloured-through modern silicone-silicate plaster very little maintenance is required. Some people think that the plastered finish looks better on houses with a high roof pitch. It can also look great on houses with extra low roof pitch in combination with grass roof.

Atlantica 49, with converted attic and 45 degree roof pitch, the timber cladding is not oiled yet

Baltica 99, single storey with L-extension, Nordic exterior timber board finish

Nordica 94, passive, single storey with porch and shortened roof overhang (300mm), plastered

Hibernia 164, passive, converted attic with 35 roof pitch, plastered

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Atlantica Baltica Nordica Hibernia Traditional Two-storey Passive