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Wednesday, 2017-08-23
The old showhouse
Old showhouse   |  Passive house

Hall in the old showhouse with lyed and oiled pine floor, pine ceiling and 1/3 wall panel

Wall of garage showing combination of plaster, nordic timber panel and granite stone.

Extension to old showhouse with two 15-16F windows

The former Scandinavian Homes Ltd. showhouse in Galway has been in existence since 1991.

It is located in Poulnaclough, between the villages of Moycullen and Barna in Co. Galway. Only 10 km from Galway city, but since it is permanently occupied the newer 'Passive house' at the corner of the N59 and the Barna Rd has now become available for public viewing instead.

Main house. The main house started out as a standard Nordica 84 with 84 m2 internal floor area. It had three bedrooms, bathroom, laundry and a large kitchen/dining/living area. It was built without the optional “attic structural conversion”, so the attic is a cold storage attic. In 1996 a short Hibernia 60 was added as an extension.

This had the optional upstairs conversion under a 30° roof-pitch. In 1999 another small extension of 14m2 was made. The main show-house total ground-floor area is 83+60+14=157m2 + another 36m2 in the upstairs of the Hiberna-extension.

Office. Next to the former showhouse we have an Atlantica 41 with increased roof pitch and converted attic. It was built in 1994 and contains office, garage, WC, and two bedrooms. This house is our smallest standard model. The standard plan can be a compact home with 2-bedrooms, kitchen/dining/living, shower/WC.

Garage. A 54m2 garage with a grass-roof was constructed in year 2000. It was stick-built on site with the usual Scandinavian Homes methods except for the rear under-ground walls. These are made of special insulation-blocks of expanded polystyrene, which are filled with concrete.
Three other privately owned houses are located near the old showhouse – two Nordica 94 and one Nordica 135.

Garage with grass roof and show house

Nordica 83 with Hibernia 63, extra 14m2 extension, timber deck

Living room in showhouse with Mörkaskog oiled oakfloor. Two large standard 15-16 fixed windows are shown.

Livingroom in old Nordica 83 showhouse

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