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Wednesday, 2017-08-23
Technical info
Download selected information from our library of technical documents

Nordica 146 with nordic timber finish and L-extension for Liffey Valley shopping centre used as office space

Technical Guide

We are pleased to offer a 16-page technical guide containing detailed technical information about the houses we build, including sample plans, diagrams and more. The guide has been saved as a PDF file, and thus is ideal for viewing on-screen, and for printing. Please be aware that this guide is now 10 years old and some details have changed; such as passive upgrade, the wider Hibernia houses and traditional Irish exterior. In general the guide is still correct and it could be worth reading. We are currently updating the guide.

Click here to download the technical guide

Typical Sections

We have made some of our 'Standard Sections' available for Passive and Super Passive houses. You can download them on the right by clicking on the appropriate icon.

The sections are:

  • Passive single storey
  • Passive with converted attic
  • Super Passive single storey
  • Super Passive with converted attic


    Our foundations are made with a specially insulated base unit around the perimeter of the foundation. It ensures maximum energy performance and is still very unique to the Irish market. For houses built in the UK we use 'Scandinavian_Foundations_Ltd' foundations, which we approve for any of our houses. For more information please read the Technical_Guide and /or download our standard section for foundations on the right.

    View the foundation detail
    Passive single storey section Passive converted attic section Super Passive single storey section Super Passive converted attic section
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